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Window Cleaning Using the latest pure water reach and wash system we can clean all exterior windows up to 60ft high from the safety of the ground ensuring the health and safety of everyone is not compromised. Where and when appropriate we use traditional window cleaning techniques, this is mainly for large shop and showroom windows. All interior and internal windows are cleaned using traditional methods. Offices shops and showrooms We will clean your premises to a very high standard and have an eye for detail, once this standard has been achieved we maintain it vigorously. Toilet and bathroom areas are deep cleaned and left sparkling with no area left untouched. Offices, showrooms etc. are thoroughly cleaned and polished including moving computers, telephones and other desk items. Rooms are dusted including the high areas. Floors are all vacuumed and either scrubbed, steam cleaned or mopped. Carpets are all vacuumed including into the corners and difficult to reach areas. Carpet cleaning We can clean your carpets leaving them clean and with a fresh odour using our wet extraction carpet cleaners. This gives an immediate clean and fresh impact on anyone entering your premises, particularly at entrances and doorways . Exteriors   First impressions count, and the exterior of your building is the first thing a customer will see when arriving to do business with you. We can maintain car parking area and walkways ensuring they are litter free and the flower beds are weed free. We can also clean away grime and dirt from the cladding including the removal of bird dropping and graffiti. Builders Cleans After all the trades have finished their work we can get your new building looking its best ready for the new occupants to move in. From new built houses to commercial premises we will have it looking perfect. Any cement plaster or paint on windows will be removed, cupboards will be dust free and polished, floors will be sparkling. Communal areas We can maintain the communal areas of apartment blocks ensuring they are clean and free from any debris. We will file a report each time if required so that you know immediately if there are any issues that need addressing. We can also provide photographic evidence of this, which will save you the time spent visiting the properties. Why not give us a call NOW on 0800 689 4169
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