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Shiny Bright  Windows
At Shiny Bright Windows we offer a comprehensive range of commercial window cleaning services whether it be just the outside, the inside or both, plus exterior cladding cleaning etc. You pick the time, You pick the day or days, You pick what is and what isn’t required. A completely tailored product that is controlled by you...  
Hectic lifestyle, no downtime, never enough time in the day... All things we hear on a daily basis right? Well that’s where we come in, as we can take care of all that annoying but  necessary housework for you. Whether you need someone to clean, vacuum, dust or polish, Shiny Bright Cleaning can help...
We use the latest pure water reach and wash system to give you smear free shiny bright windows every time. Your window frames, cills and doors  are cleaned at the same time and are included in the price. Conservatories and Solar Panels are no problem either as our Reach and Wash ®  system allows us access to very high and difficult to reach areas...  
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